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Safety rules

````1. Each student’s safety is a major concern of the school. Therefore the following should be strictly observed.
 (a) Students will wear the identity card with the school uniform.
 (b) Parents of pre-primary students are required to teach their children their names, address and telephone numbers.
 (c) If the child has to go to a place other than the normal one, a note from the parents must be sent to school requesting permission and stating the reason for a child to go to a different place after school.
 2. Students are responsible to school authorities for their conduct not only in the school but also for their general behavior outside.  Any report or observed objectionable conduct or action on the part of the pupils will make them liable to disciplinary action. It is expected that through their good behavior they enhance the prestige of the school.
 3. Students are not allowed to enter classrooms other than their own.
 4. Any student in school uniform found traveling at school hours with fellow students in a motorized vehicle without parent’s permission and without a proper valid license will be liable for disciplinary action, if this is brought to the notice of the school authorities.
 5. The school is not responsible for books, money, mobile phones, clothes and other articles that are lost. The pupils must look after their own things. It is not advisable for pupils to carry money or valuable articles to school.
 6. Any pupil desiring to be exempted from PT or games must/ produce a Doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit to take part therein.
 7. All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are to be subjected to the scrutiny of the principal.
 8. Pupils joining the School excursion or participating in any school activity will do so entirely on the responsibility of the parents/guardians and at their own risk. They shall not swim or be away during any school outing. Camp etc without informing the teacher concerned.
 9. Those who go home by themselves should reach home straight without loitering on the way. Students are warned not to buy anything, especially eatables from street vendors
 10. Pupils should not bring valuables or money to school.  They are also not allowed to bring to school, magazines, pictures or books/cassettes or any electronic storage devices not related to school work.
 11. Students found possessing any reading, viewing or other materials of indecent nature are liable to rustication  without notice.     12. The school does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by pupil while in the school.  However, first aid will be rendered immediately without delay and a doctor will be met in case of emergencies.
 13. Pupils are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives, harmful instruments drugs, alcoholic, beverages and other dangerous material to school.