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Princpal's Message

Any noble enterprise devoid of sublime mission is like a flower without fragrance. Today there is an overwhelming trend of making school a profit oriented enterprise without any proper erudition. A quality holistic education is imparted for the development of each child. The child here is not a beast of burden. Every child experiences the thrill and joy through various activities and learns his lessons without stress or phobias. The students not only trained to be the bread earner but also they learn here the basic qualities which are needed for their fruitful life. Our commitment in this line is writing on the wall for the people of this region. We will pursue our expressed aims and objectives for which we solicit the cooperation of all concerned and the blessings of Almighty God. ``Education, said Anon, does not commence with the alphabet; it begins with mother`s look , with father`s nod of appreciation or sign of rebuke; with a sister`s gentle pressure of forbearance; with handful of flower, on hills and daisy meadows.........``

M.A.(ENG), B.Ed