Aims & Objectives of BJSM School

Aims & Objectives

The school emphasizes on the all-around development of its students and shapes them mentally, physically and spiritually to face the highly competative world of today. Its aims & objectives are...

  • Helping the students to mature into spititually oriented people of character by installing in them love for truth and honour based on the universal teaching of Gurus.
  • Infusing the spirit of team work and developing a spirit of service and loyalty.
  • Urging them to build a healthy and strong body through physical exercise, games and sports so that they can be moulded into good and healthy citizens of the nation.


  • The management has spent a large chunk of its expenses in providing separate science laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The school has a well-stocked library with books on various subjects. A library period has been chalked out in time table to develop the habit of reading with audio-visual devices to cater to the needs of the growing child.
  • The school has separate internet connected computer rooms for junior and Senior sections.
  • A separate Maths laboratory and map projection room (Social Science) have been constructed for practical learning.
  • A modern infrastructure Amidst Lush Green Surrounding.
  • Clean and Pollution free Environment to Stimulate the Learning.
  • Smaller Student-Teacher Radio for Individual Attention.
  • State of the Art, Music, Dance, Art & Craft Rooms.
  • Well equipped Smart Classroom for Junior & Computers Labs, 3-D lab for Juniors & Seniors.
  • Adequate Sports Facilities (Basketball Court, Boxing Ring , Track Facilities etc.)
  • Well qualified & experienced Administrative and Teaching Staff.